Wrestling Babes

Wrestling Babes Pictures!
Wrestling Babes

Wrestling babes love to get sweaty and put on a show. And the less clothes they have to wear the better! These girls really enjoy getting another babe in the ring and subduing her in a wrestling match. And you can bet sometimes the fight continues outside the ring. It's not unusual for these Gladiatrix women to fight in the shower and locker rooms, with the loser being forced to do things you'd never see in a public ring! Of course rich men from around the world pay a hefty fee to be able to watch. Wouldn't you?

"If one has connections, one must visit the private wrestling stables of the Gladiatrix in Rome. I've seen the loveliest slave girls serving these strong warrior women. Their males? Mere playthings to pass a rainy day..." Cina Diobals - Circa 43 A.D.

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