Girls Catfighting From The 1960's

Vintage Catfight Clips

Ever wonder what it would of been like to see Ginger and Mary Anne have a good hair-pulling, sweaty pussy fingering catfight? Beehive hairdos and little girl frilly smocks torn and ripped away as they rolled on the ground and fought like screaming wildcats?

Well, these hot vintage catfight clips from the 1960's might just do the trick for you!
Vintage Catfight Clips

Vintage Catfight Clips

Vintage Porn Top

"Gladiatrix are know to have an unnatural passion for the taste and blushes of a young girl. Shameful, I admit, but many rich men pay enormous sums to watch these scarred battle women deflower young virgins bought in the slave market with artificial male organs made of bone or wood...." Dio Mettalus - Circa 53 B.C.

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Catfights - Apartment Wrestling!

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