Nude Wrestling

Nude Wrestling Pictures!
Nude Wrestling

Nude wrestling presents the female form in all it's erotic splendor. Many men don't realize that their wives and girlfriends fantasize about being able to strip down and do battle with another women. Here at Gladiatrix.Com, we know all about that as our strong dominant women love to wrestle and fight one another. Some like the power involved in subduing another women, some like the sexual tension generated by two nude women wrestling and fighting like wildcats, and some use it as a way to select and test their potential lesbian lovers. Gladiatrix women don't like weaklings, although they do enjoy submissive male slaves.

"Have you not seen the nude wrestling of the Gladiatrix in the Circus Maximus at Rome? These women have the strength and skill of any male wrestler, but also engage in acts too obscene to mention..." Cius Dionysis - Circa 22 A.D.

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