Female Muscle Domination

Female Muscle Domination Pictures!
Female Muscle Domination

Many Gladiatrix desire the look and shape of a well muscled body. And why not? To beat a fellow combatant in the ring takes lots of muscle strength. But their quest for supremacy doesn't end in the gym or the ring, for many Gladiatrix enjoy female muscle domination erotic games! Can you imagine being under the sexual control of one of these powerful women? Forced to perform every humiliating chore and perverted sexual demand that she has? And you can't refuse her commands - because she can kick your ass!

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"Have you seen them in the circus flexing their obscene muscles? With weights and spells they make themselves the equal of any man. Huge and fierce, ready for combat and longing to show off their sexual prowess. And their lust for perverted violence is well known..." Marius Gablarous - Circa 82 A.D.

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