Bikini Wrestling

Bikini Wrestling Pictures!
Bikini Wrestling

Ah, yes, two sweet girls in bikinis climbing into the ring for some sweaty bikini wrestling! Sounds delicious, right? Who hasn't sat at the beach and watched the babes go by in their little bikinis and fantasized about them wrestling and battling each other in a sexually charged match? Okay, might not be everybody's cup of tea, but all Gladiatrix fans know the feeling of seeing bikini babes doing battle. Too bad all sports wasn't this exciting! And you know after the match, those bikinis come off and some real hot fighting begins...

"They have a thin bit of cloth that covers their breasts and groin with just enough for modesty. In these suits they wrestle and fight for the amusment of rich men and women. I hear for a fee they will also strip the girls naked and continue the fight..." Dio Cullious - Circa 23 B.C.

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Girls In Bikinis Erotic Grappling Picture!